Exclusive, unavoidable and interactive media

Why the grocery store?
Everybody shops for groceries!

Millions of shoppers visit the grocery store several times a week, and they are a captive audience at the checkout for an average of 3 to 6 minutes. We put your ad directly in front of them at every visit!

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68% average ad recall

During unavoidable dwell time at the checkout, shoppers will see and remember your message, whether they are waiting in line, picking up the grocery divider or using the self-checkout.

Our network

The grocery store is a mass reach, high-frequency environment and the place people visit most outside of work.

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What our clients have to say

“We love the fact that there is no chance of seeing a competitor’s ad next to ours in the grocery stores where we advertise. We have store exclusivity, which is a great advantage.”

Lisa Soloman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Duraco Windows

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Recent campaigns

Client: Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba

Products Implemented: AdBar

MMSM aims to reduce the number of plastic bags distributed in grocery stores and encourage customers to reuse or recycle them. Since 2014, AdBar has been part of spreading this important message. With the AdBar right in front of them at the till, customer are more likely to say ‘no, thanks’ when asked if they want a bag.

Since the launch of this initiative the numbers have been astounding.

  • 72.5% reduction in use of plastic bags

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