Aspen Landing is front and center with a multi-product strategy

Aspen Landing Shopping Centre on Calgary’s west side isn’t your typical strip mall. With a pond, natural growth and wildlife, walkways between stores, restaurants and a gorgeous fountain, it’s a welcoming village centre and a local destination.

For a second year in a row, Mary Ann Stallings, Aspen Landing’s General Manager, is advertising at the mall’s Safeway checkout and using all three available ad products: AdBar, AdCap and AdTray. “These advertising spaces help us keep our advertising fresh and eye-catching,” Stallings says. “We can use seasonal themes, showcase new home builders in the residential development, and remind shoppers of all the treasures so easily accessible in their own community.”

Stallings knows the value of keeping a consistent message over long periods of time and using all three checkout ad products has given her an opportunity to achieve exactly that. “We can reinforce on a local level the same messages what we promote on the radio and in our monthly ad in Avenue Calgary Magazine,” she explains.

“Plus, by making an annual buy, I can consult with retailers and home builders well in advance of a campaign launch,” explains Stallings. “There is something comforting about knowing you are front and centre where your customers live. We have exclusive ad space in a high trac spot in our own community, and that is invaluable.”