TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE – EDMONTON reaches Asian audiences at T & T Supermarkets

From giant screen thrills to cool science chills, there’s fun for all ages at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. The science centre is a non-profit organization designed to motivate people to learn about and contribute to advances in science and technology, to strengthen themselves, their families, and their community.

Earlier this year, the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton presented the film “Mysteries of China”, a visual adventure, using beautiful aerial photography and cutting-edge time-lapse techniques to reveal great majesty, tragedy, splendor and growth, in a nation that continues to excel quickly into the future.

“Our goal was to support our general marketing campaign for ‘Mysteries of China at the IMAX theatre’, by specifically targeting an Asian audience. We did an 8-week AdBar and AdCap campaign in T&T grocery store locations to achieve this goal,” explains Ursula Phillips, Vice President, Marketing and Communications for TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. “We are very happy with how well ‘Mysteries of China’ is doing and will definitely look at more opportunities for future projects with Retail Media.”

In the meantime, the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton continues in its mission to inspire life-long learning and create a positive science and technology culture in the region.