Why AdCap & AdWrap?

Own the checkout!  With AdCap (conveyor belt end cap) and AdWrap (full conveyor belt wrap), your advertising message is highly visible as you enter the check-out aisle.



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Enhanced Exposure

Shoppers approaching the checkout area are greeted with a large face-size advertising message that provides walk-by and in-aisle impressions.  Plus, AdCap can make your message even more powerful when combined with AdWrap or AdBar by creating an “aisle domination” effect and significantly increasing unaided recall of your ad.

Strong Visual Appeal

With its prominent position in the checkout aisle, AdWrap and AdCap have strong visual appeal and offer the largest advertising space at the front of the store that cannot be turned off or ignored.  And more, a conveyor belt placement provides 3 to 5 minutes of guaranteed exposure with every customer.


When you purchase an AdWrap or AdCap placement, you become the exclusive advertiser in your selected stores. As a result, your ad appears on every conveyor belt with no competition and, when combined with AdBar, exclusively provides a double impression that reinforces your message with grocery shoppers.

Learn how Shaw Media leveraged AdCap or Contact us to learn more.

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