Why AdBar?

AdBar is the order divider found at the checkout aisle.  Customers literally pick it up making it a highly interactive advertising vehicle. And, whether your target audience is local or national, AdBar has the reach to touch your customer from coast to coast.

66 Million Connections Every Month

AdBar is everywhere! Available in nearly 355 locations and 76 markets nationwide, it makes nearly 66 million connections with consumers every month! We provide you with a huge number of impressions, right in your target audience’s neighbourhood.

Captive Audience

AdBar is the only mass media that puts your message directly in the hands of your customer. It’s powerful because it’s interactive. It can not be muted, turned off or ignored. AdBar guarantees impressions with 3 to 5 minutes of exposure time with every customer.

Unmatched Recall

We have completed over 10,000 exit interviews, proving that AdBar delivers your message.



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