Recent campaigns

Client: Pinnacle Medical Centres

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap

Pinnacle Medical Centres has developed state of the art family medical clinics in Calgary and the surrounding area that focus on the unique needs of both the patient and the doctor. Looking to increase the number of patients seeking treatment at their clinics, and with a target audience consisting mostly of families, advertising at grocery stores in the communities they serve was a great fit.

Pre- and post-campaign research was conducted and the results were impressive. When exiting the store, shoppers were asked to name the advertising they saw at the checkout and

– 79% Total Recall
– 42% increase in awareness
– 506,625 total recalled impressions!

Client: Aspen Landing

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap and AdTray

For the second year in a row, Aspen Landing is advertising at the mall’s Safeway checkout and using all three available ad products: AdBar, AdCap and AdTray. Using all three ad products has helped them maintain a consistent message and ensure their ads are front and centre right where their customers live.

Client: TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap

The TELUS World of Science in Edmonton wanted to support their general marketing campaign to promote “Mysteries of China” at the IMAX theatre, by specifically targeting an Asian audience. They used AdBar and AdCap in T&T stores to reach this audience. T&T is a Canadian supermarket chain which sells primarily Asian foods.

  • Client confirms ticket sales are going well
  • Will definitely look at more opportunities for future projects

Client: Global News

Products Implemented: AdBar

Over 27 million Canadians each week count on Global Television for their news, information and entertainment. Global has extremely successful local news programs in markets from coast-to-coast and uses AdBar in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. The creative features their key News Hour anchors and AdBar is a key brand building ingredient. Global has been a loyal client since 2007.

Client: Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba

Products Implemented: AdBar

MMSM aims to reduce the number of plastic bags distributed in grocery stores and encourage customers to reuse or recycle them. Since 2014, AdBar has been part of spreading this important message. With the AdBar right in front of them at the till, customer are more likely to say ‘no, thanks’ when asked if they want a bag.

Since the launch of this initiative the numbers have been astounding.

  • 72.5% reduction in use of plastic bags

Client: YWCA

Products Implemented: AdBar

The YWCA used a dedicated URL and made it possible for customers to donate via mobile while waiting in line at the grocery checkout.

Client: Western Union

Products Implemented: AdBar

Western Union is a financial services giant with a vast network to help businesses and consumers move money around the globe.

Trying to maintain brand uniformity across so many locations, Western Union chose AdBar as a promotional tool, directional tool and conversion tool all wrapped into one. AdBar is scalable and flexible and was a fantastic tool to help them reach key cities/towns that were prime target markets.

Client: Calgary Zoo

Products Implemented: AdBar and AdTray

The Calgary Zoo, like many other advertisers, faces the challenge of cutting through the daily noise of ads. At the grocery checkout, consumers can’t tune out or turn it off their message. Choosing both AdBar and AdTray, the Calgary Zoo sought to improve the effectiveness of other media campaigns, as well as increase website traffic, mobile searches and social media engagement.

Client: Duraco Windows

Products Implemented: AdBar and AdCap

Duraco considers the fact that there is no chance of seeing a competitor’s ad next to theirs, in their selected grocery stores, to be a great advantage. Plus, home decision-makers visit the grocery store all the time, and there is no way to avoid the aisle or the self-checkout so their message is seen, guaranteed, every time.

Client: Trident

Products Implemented: AdBar and AdCap

We are so proud to have partnered with Mondelez Canada on this campaign. Gum was a category in decline and Mondelez leveraged Retail Media’s AdBar and AdCap products in grocery stores across the country to help turn things around. Trident saw incredible results from this campaign including:

  • Overall campaign awareness of 94%
  • 7/10 gum buyers chose the brand on the AdBar product
  • Lift in product sales between 5-10%

Client: Caramilk

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap and AdTray

Caramilk’s Key to the Secret is a treasured national campaign. Recently, Caramilk added a new component to it by partnering with Retail Media to advertise at the point of purchase in grocery stores across the country with AdBar (grocery dividers), AdCap (conveyor end cap) and AdTray (self-checkout kiosks).

Client: Bench Apparel

Products Implemented: Portray

Bench Apparel wanted to increase foot traffic and drive sales to their retail store. They advertised a 15% discount on all regular priced merchandise if “Bench15” was mentioned at the point-of-purchase.

  • 460% Campaign ROI
  • Average purchase $103

Client: Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Products Implemented: Portray

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet wanted to increase brand awareness for The Nutcracker. Portray allowed them to interact with the masses, in a social environment where consumers are seeking entertainment.

  • Highest Monthly Sales Record
  • Surpassed Ticket & Revenue Goals

Client: Rogers

Products Implemented: Portray

Rogers needed to increase Canada wide calling and data phone plans in the Prairie region. They showcased a general promo package across various high traffic media channels in the largest cities.

  • # 1 Market Leader
  • 76% Ad Recall

Client: Scotiabank and SCENE

Products Implemented: Portray

Scotiabank and SCENE teamed up to showcase a contest for a trip to L.A. for a movie premiere. The ad directed students to an online contest where they were encouraged to recruit friends and family for SCENE products.

  • 73 Cards Acquired
  • 467 Unique Voters