"Lead Generator"

“We use AdBar to generate leads and keep ourselves front-of-mind for anyone looking to buy or sell a house in our local market area. What sets AdBar™ advertising apart from others forms of media we use is the exclusivity we enjoy while having our names prominently displayed at every checkout counter.

We also like the fact that we reach 100% of the people that go through the store and that people really seem to remember our AdBars. Such a strong presence in our local community and on a year-round basis gives us a distinct advantage over competing agents in the area.”

Louise Bourke, Re/Max Royal Jordan

"Unparalleled Exposure"

“AdBar has provided unparalleled exposure for my real estate services in my community, created the kind of community ‘chatter’ that leverages referrals, and has been a corner stone in the robust growth of my business.  A cost effective and adaptable marketing tool with first class service from Retail Media. It works.”

Jake Pryor, Re/Max Alpine Realty

"Sales Boost"

“We are seeing recovery in Safeway/Sobey’s sales so far compared to last year. I’m attributing that to the additional AdBars.”

Ryan Popwich – Marketing Manager, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

"Surpassed the Competition"

“Portray Advertising is a great platform to get directly in front of shoppers while they are spending their money. We surpassed the competition and Portray was the only new media channel we added.”

Tammy Zach, President, On the Mark Media

"Scalable and flexible"

“AdBar is scalable and flexible, allowing us to geotarget key customer segments where they live and shop. AdBar was a fantastic tool helping us reach key cities/towns that were prime target markets.”

Joycelyn E. David – National Director for Product Marketing, Western Union

"We have store exclusivity"

“We love the fact that there is no chance of seeing a competitor’s ad next to ours in the grocery stores where we advertise. We have store exclusivity, which is a great advantage.”

Lisa Soloman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Duraco Windows

"High traffic"

“These advertising spaces help us keep our advertising fresh and eye-catching. There is something comforting about knowing you are front and centre where your customers live. We have exclusive ad space in a high traffic spot in our own community, and that is invaluable.”

Mary Ann Stallings, General Manager, Aspen Landing

"Very low production costs"

“We use AdBar because it reaches the Principal Grocery Shopper, who just happens to be the financial decision maker for the family.

We get HUGE extended reach when combined with any and all other out-of-home Media, and the very low production costs mean that we can spend more on the medium rather than the creative.”

Dean Butler, Account Director at Elevator Strategy – Toyota Dealers of BC