About RMG

“We will provide our customers with innovative advertising and loyalty solutions while at the same time creating valuable relationships based on trust, mutual respect, professionalism and friendship. People will look forward to doing business with us!”

RMG was formed in February 2002, with a vision of bringing new cost-effective, mass reach  advertising vehicles to market, thus creating new revenue opportunities from under-utilized media assets. The company began with the invention and launch of our revolutionary product AdBar™ grocery dividers, a simple yet highly effective captive audience medium which leverages the massive traffic at grocery stores. AdBar is patented in Canada and the USA.  Within a month of starting the company, Safeway was signed as the first grocery partner.  By August 2002, only 5 months after inception, AdBar was launched in the Calgary & Edmonton markets featuring  a CTV Ad campaign.

Within the first 2 years, the company expanded rapidly into Quebec, Manitoba and BC.  In 2008, RMG moved into the Toronto market, securing national presence from British Columbia to Québec. The company had proven its new marketing vehicle with hundreds of clients, including leading ad agencies such as Cossette,  Media Experts, Mind Share, Taxi and blue chip clients including CTV, Shaw Media, Toyota, Bank of Montreal, VISA, MasterCard and many others. Since inception, AdBar has evolved into a major, mass medium delivering over 66 million impressions every 4 weeks across the country. The product selection has grown and now includes AdTray (self-checkout kiosks), AdCap and AdWrap (conveyor belt wraps), as well as substantial innovations around the original AdBar product through die cut and lenticular innovation.

In 2008,  RMG launched a new division, AIR MILES INCENTIVES®, managed by RMG Loyalty.  AIR MILES INCENTIVES gives companies the ability to grow their business by offering AIR MILES reward miles, with the flexibility to customize offers and programs specifically designed for their needs.  Whether companies want to offer AIR MILES reward miles to customers, clients or employees, they simply purchase the reward miles needed to drive the results they want.  AIR MILES INCENTIVES® has delivered a local issuance solution, making the currency accessible to companies who want to be part of the program, but don’t have a national presence or the marketing budget to support the investment of a traditional sponsorship.

Our first AIR MILES INCENTIVES client purchased 5,000 reward miles and, in just four years, more than 300 businesses have joined and have issued over 50 million reward miles across the country.  The AIR MILES INCENTIVES business continues to grow rapidly across Canada, with an extensive range of opportunities in new industries.

RMG continues to grow year after year, with sales having grown over 400% in the past 5 years making it one of the fastest growing companies in Canada as recognized by PROFIT 500.  RMG employs over 70 people, 30 full time staff and an additional 40+ part-timers.  Head Office is located in Calgary, AB, with sales and operations staff in all major markets across the country.

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