Why AdTray?

AdTray is the basket and bagging tray area on the self-checkout kiosks. It offers a large advertising footprint with placement directly in sight lines of the shopper.


Guaranteed Impressions

With a large advertising footprint and placement directly in sight lines of the shopper, AdTray guarantees impressions with 3 to 5 minutes of exposure time with every customer. Whether the customer is using the system, waiting in line or walking by, AdTray advertising will get you in touch with your target.

In Touch with Demographics

AdTray advertising is the media of choice for those looking to target young affluent professionals (18-34).


Our space is limited, so when we are sold out we are sold out. Plus, AdTray promises 100% category exclusivity in the locations you book.


Learn how the Calgary Zoo leveraged AdTray or Contact us to learn more.


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