StoreBoard Advertising

StoreBoard is a sleeve that wraps the entrance/exit security pedestals in high-traffic Staples and Rexall stores across Canada. Customers literally walk through your ad making it a highly visible and impactful advertising medium.


Delivers Impressions


StoreBoard is available in 203 locations and 6 markets nationwide and it delivers up to 80,000 impressions with consumers every month!  So, whether your target audience is local or national, Store Board has the reach to deliver your message to customers from coast to coast.

Prominent Placement

StoreBoard is found at the entrance and exit ways of each retail location making it unavoidable for customers to miss your ad.  Plus, it offers one of the largest advertising footprints in the store meaning customers are sure to alert your customers to your products and services.


Our space is limited, so when we are sold out we are sold out. Plus, StoreBoard promises 100% category exclusivity in the locations you book.


For more information, click here or contact Kevin Golding at 416.992.5386.


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