Why the Grocery Store?

66 Million Impressions Every Month

The grocery store is a mass reach, high-frequency environment.  This, combined with the fact that our advertising products are available in over 355 locations and 76 markets nationwide, means we reach over 7 million decision-makers and deliver nearly 66 million impressions every month!

Same Budget, Better Results

AdBar & our other grocery advertising products are easy on your budget by providing super-low cost per thousand impressions (CPM).  Plus, when you combine AdBar or our other grocery advertising products with your other Out of Home Media, you can do more with the same advertising budget and increase impressions to achieve greater reach and recall.

Adbar Graphic

Precise Targeting

Accuracy results in efficiency. With AdBar and our other grocery advertising products, you can be sure your message reaches your target audience:

  • Narrow geographic segmentation down to the neighbourhood level.
  • Reach women, the primary financial decision maker in the house.
  • Select ethnic markets using their first language.
  • Identify and connect with audiences based on demographics.

Digitally Integrated Capability

You reach a captive audience in-lane at the grocery store, making it easy for consumers to engage with your advertising message on-the-spot.  Bring a campaign to life with a digital call-to-action right on your ad.


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