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Get the most out of your Marketing investments with Location Intelligence

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The tighter your focus, the less money wasted, the better your results.

Location Intelligence has been in our DNA for almost 20 years, and location data from various sources is the unique filter we add to audience targeting in order to optimize your ad campaign performance and boost conversions.

As a result, you reduce wasted spend and make digital, direct mail and out-of-home campaigns much more effective.

Increase conversions with hyper-targeted ads

Leverage years of historical mobile data to understand where your customers go in the real world, define your ideal customer profiles and predict purchase intent.

Convert digital ads to sales by delivering highly relevant and targeted ads to your ideal customers, your competitors’ customers, inactive customers, look-alike audiences and more!

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Send a direct mail piece to lost website traffic

Use direct mail to re-engage website visitors that leave your website without buying anything or engaging with you.

A highly relevant and targeted direct mail piece delivered right to their home within days will give you another chance to promote your brand and close the sale.

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Get high-traffic exposure in target communities

You can achieve high frequency and mass reach in specific neighbourhoods by placing unavoidable messages right where your target audience lives and shops.

You can choose your ideal out-of-home locations based on gender, language, household income, community, trade area, FSA, postal code and individual store.

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