AdBar Delivers Both Mass Reach and Local Targeting

While billboards and the AdBar grocery divider are both out-of-home marketing tools used to build awareness, AdBar may be a step ahead when it comes to getting both mass reach and local targeting.

Consider the advantages and the flexibility of indoor out-of-home marketing. A billboard is designed for three-second exposure— that’s the average amount of time a driver needs to read a billboard and absorb its message. At a cash register, there is more time to convey more information, as well as incorporate an interactive component. People can check a website, send an email or a text, or even scan a code with their phone while they stand in line, but the advantages don’t end there. Unlike an outdoor billboard where a competitor could have the billboard close or next to yours, a product or service has AdBar exclusivity in the locations where it is advertised. If your ad is in one aisle, customers won’t be distracted by a competitor’s ad in the same space—there is a lot of value in that.

Targeting your ideal customer is also trickier with a billboard. If you are a local professional looking to build a client base from the people living in and around your office or trade area, a billboard on a highway is much less efficient. When you target shoppers at the grocery stores in your community, your marketing dollars are spent talking to the people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. A grocery store is often new advertising territory for a business. Companies that have traditionally relied on billboard exposure are realizing the added value of indoor out-of-home marketing and are now including it in their campaign.

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