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"Dramatic Increase"

“Our orders have grown by as much as 50% month over month. We believe that AdBar played a role in this dramatic increase.”

Chris Emergui, President, Websaver.ca

"Sales Increased By 10%"

“Retail Media allows us to advertise directly to neighbourhoods that we wanted to target. Thanks to AdBar, our sales increased by about 10% and it has proven to be successful.”

Tom Gallagher, Weed Man

"Reach and Communicate With Listeners"

“AdBar played an important role in helping to build our new brand and listening audience. We are extremely pleased with its ability to reach and communicate with our existing and potential listeners.”

Michael Godfrey, Marketing Director, The Breeze FM

"Fantastic Complement"

“AdBars are a fantastic complement to our overall marketing campaign. The ability to update the artwork occasionally makes it a great way to add community information.”

Sharon Poetker, ReMax Realtor

"Effective and Creative"

“AdBars are an effective and creative way to connect with potential theatre-goers and inform our target audience.”

Carman Johnston, Public Relations & Development Manager, Prairie Theatre Exchange

"Effective Advertising Medium"

“AdBar keeps me in the minds of my past clients which results in referrals. AdBars are an effective advertising medium, and people tell me they see them almost daily.”

Natasha Kouk, Realtor, Century 21 Bachman and Associates

"Targeted and Effective"

“It can be difficult to reach potential customers. AdBar allows us to be both targeted and effective!”

Jordan Davis, Vice President Edmonton North, Melcor Developments

"Reach Target Customers"

“AdBar allows us to reach the majority of our target customers right at home in their communities.”

Barbara Dahms, Public Relations Manager, Mayfield Toyota

"Extremely Pleased With Results"

“We have been extremely pleased with the results from Retail Media campaigns during the past three seasons. AdBars are now an important component of our annual media mix.”

Brent Philips, Director of Marketing & Communications, Manitoba Theatre Centre

"Valuable Part of Our Marketing Mix"

“We began using AdBar two seasons ago and it has become a valuable part of our marketing mix for ticket sales. The ability to select specific stores based on target demographics is very important.”

Darlene Ronald, Director of Marketing, Manitoba Opera

"Significant Increase"

“We have had a significant increase in members written since incorporating AdBar into our marketing strategy.”

Colin Kuefler, Regional Manager, Johnson Insurance

"Most Important Advertising Tool"

“AdBar has become the most important advertising tool for Image Fitness Center for the past year. Our current promotions literally pass through the hands of thousands of potential customers daily.”

Angela Jureidini, Owner, Image Fitness Centre Inc.

"Driving Brand Awareness"

“We were very pleased with our campaign results. I am happy to recommend AdBar as a cost-effective vehicle for driving brand awareness for new product launches.”

Steve Allmen, General Manager, Business Development, HBC Loyalty and Credit

"Important Component"

“The grocery network is ideal for reaching our target audience. AdBar is an important component of our marketing strategy.”

Gayle Zarbatany, Program Director, 92 CITI FM / 102 CLEAR FM

"Successful Campaign Results"

“Retail Media played a significant role in helping us deliver successful campaign results. I would highly recommend AdBar as a cost-effective way to specifically target the female demographic.”

Mike Curran Manager, Promotion & Creative Services, CFCF / CTV

"Very Successful"

“Adding AdBar advertising to our marketing mix was very successful for us.”

Lisa McKintosh, Show Manager, Calgary Home Show, DMG Media

"Building Brand Awareness"

“AdBar has been an instrumental factor in building brand awareness and recognition within my market.”

David Patterson, Sales Representative, Keller Williams, Advantage Realty

"A Fresh Approach"

“I love that the customer actually holds my ad in their hand, they have no choice but to read it. It really is a fresh approach to establishing a strong presence outside of the traditional forms of advertising.”

Paula Colvin, Marketing Director, Capilano Mall

"Reach a Wide Demographic"

“It was an easy decision to include Retail Media in our awareness strategy. Their advertising solutions give us flexibility and allow us to reach a wide demographic in our community.”

Joan Stephens, Director of Education, Cancer Care Manitoba foundation

"Reach Clients in Their Neighbourhood"

“We have been using Retail Media for the last five years. Their ability to geo-target each campaign to a nearby store location allows us to reach potential clients already shopping/living in the neighbourhood.”

Donna An, Manager of Media & Marketing, Concord Pacific Developments

"Localized and Affordable"

“We continue to support this method of advertising as it is localized, affordable and visible in front of the customers we are seeking in the future.”

Nadia Wrobel, Executive Assistant, Caisse St Boniface

"Effective Tool"

“AdBar has been an effective tool for us to get our message out to the public. I know this form of advertising works because people always tell me that they’ve seen them.”

Shelley L Magnusson, Executive Staff Officer, The Alberta Teachers Association

"Lead Generator"

“What sets AdBar advertising apart from other forms of media is the exclusivity we enjoy while having our names prominently displayed at every checkout counter in our target communities.”


Louise Bourke, Re/Max Royal Jordan

"Unparalleled Exposure"

“AdBar has provided unparalleled exposure for my business and created the kind of ‘chatter’ that leverages referrals. It has been a cornerstone in the robust growth of my business.”

Jake Pryor, Re/Max Alpine Realty

"Sales Boost"

“We are seeing recovery in Safeway/Sobey’s sales so far compared to last year. I’m attributing that to the additional AdBars.”

Ryan Popwich, Marketing Manager, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

"Surpassed the Competition"

“Portray Advertising is a great platform to get directly in front of shoppers while they are spending their money. We surpassed the competition and Portray was the only new media channel we added.”

Tammy Zach, President, On the Mark Media

"Scalable and flexible"

“AdBar is scalable and flexible, allowing us to geo-target key customer segments where they live and shop. AdBar was a fantastic tool for helping us reach key cities/towns that were prime target markets.”

Joycelyn E. David, National Director for Product Marketing, Western Union

"High traffic"

“AdBar helps us keep our advertising fresh and eye-catching. We have exclusive ad space in a high traffic spot in our own community, and that is invaluable.”

Mary Ann Stallings, General Manager, Aspen Landing

"Huge Extended Reach"

“We get HUGE extended reach when combined with any and all other out-of-home Media, and the very low production costs mean that we can spend more on the medium rather than the creative.”

Dean Butler, Account Director at Elevator Strategy, Toyota Dealers of BC