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Location and Behaviour Based Marketing

Leverage Mobile Data

Leverage data from over 13 million unique mobile devices across Canada, including real-life movements, interests and preferences over the last 18 months.

Locate Your Ideal Customer

Analyze this robust data to understand where your customers go in the real world, define your ideal customers and predict their purchase intent.

Serve Up Precisely Targeted Ads

Convert ads to sales by targeting your ideal customers, your competitors’ customers, inactive customers, look-alike audiences and more!

Optimize Your Ad Spend

Reduce wasted impressions, increase sales conversions and tie ad exposure back to in-store visits to measure the impact of your campaign and full circle ROI.

Unlock the Power of Location Intelligence Data

How It Works

We use mobile polygoning, the process of creating a precise virtual line around a specific building or area that is accurate to within 3 feet. You can then access extensive data and insights from mobile device ID’s that have entered that exact boundary over the last 18 months.

You can identify the highest quality targets for your campaigns, such as:

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