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No campaign is too big or too small. We can support large national clients directly or though their creative or media agency. Our expert advertising representatives also work closely with hundreds of small local businesses who find great value in being a big part of their community residents' daily lives.

Agencies & national brands

Grocery checkout advertising is equally effective as a stand-alone high frequency, mass reach medium, or as part of a larger media mix.

You can target specific audiences, enhance mass media and online campaigns, drive digital engagement, extend reach without increasing your budget, and more.

To help you get started, we can create a mock of your existing or planned campaign using our products.

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Local or regional businesses

Since everybody shops for groceries, the grocery checkout is an ideal location to get frequent and repeated exposure for your business.

You can focus on your trade area to reach consumers most likely to support your business, and you can “own your community” by blocking out the competition in the stores you book.

Share your objectives with us and we will create a proposal tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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Connecting you with your target audience

With Retail Media, you can reach your best target thanks to our precise geographic and demographic targeting capability, thus increasing the efficiency of your advertising investment.

Grocery checkout advertising can also be particularly effective when marketing to women, families with children, young affluent professionals, primary home decisions makers and ethnic groups.

Women and families

Young affluent professionals

Primary home decision makers

Ethnic groups



From mass reach to community targeting

With more than 350 grocery store locations in 76 markets, our network can reach over 5 million home decision makers and deliver nearly 46 million impressions every month!

If a local approach is what you need however, you can segment right down to the community level and focus valuable advertising dollars in your trade area.


The right place at the right time

The timing of your campaign is as important as placing your message on the right platform and in the right location. You may want to be in market at the same time as other advertising or online campaigns, to be top of mind when consumers are most likely to need you, to drum up business in the low season, or maintain a year long presence in your trade area.

Regardless of your goals, our team has a wealth of experience and insights to help inform your choices.

We highly recommend booking space well in advance to ensure there is availability in your preferred store(s). However, we have been known to turn things around fairly quickly to make an important campaign happen from time to time.

What products will work best for your campaign?

We offer a choice of four grocery store ad products and one food court ad product, each with their own unique benefits and contributions to a campaign. Our team can help you determine which product, or combination of products, would serve you best to achieve your goals.

Proven to benefit local businesses

Grocery checkout advertising promotes your business where your customers live and shop!

“AdBar has provided unparalleled exposure in my community, has created the kind of community chatter that generates referrals, and has been a cornerstone in the robust growth of my business.
It works.”

Jake Pryor – Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX

Integrating offline and online marketing

When faced with idle time, most people reach for their phone. Which is why the grocery checkout is a great time to engage shoppers and drive them online. You can drive traffic to your website or online campaign page, deliver information, share videos, get email or contest sign-ups, and more.

Boosting your online campaigns with offline advertising can be as simple as doing a related awareness campaign, placing a QR or NFC code into your creative to lead people to your web properties, or adding a text campaign to generate on-the-spot interactions with prospects.

A key part of your advertising mix

Because grocery shoppers simply can't turn off, mute, block or change the channel to avoid seeing your message, checkout advertising can be very effective as part of a broader media mix.

You can drive online activity, provide a local market presence, offset other media weaknesses, do more without changing your budget, advance shoppers on the path to purchase, and more.

We are with you every step of the way

Our team works closely with clients everyday to develop advertising plans that align with their marketing objectives and offer the highest potential for return.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Once we have a plan in place, we are available to help you and your team with strategy, messaging, creative development and implementation as needed. We also ensure high quality production and installation, monitor your placements throughout your campaign and provide feedback when requested.

We want you to love working with us and we are committed to supporting you from start to finish.