Everybody shops for groceries

Why the grocery store

The grocery store is the hub of a community and the place people visit most outside of work! Shoppers will see your ad because they can't turn it off, mute it, block it or change the channel to avoid seeing it.

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Why it works

Your message reaches a huge audience

Each store delivers an average of 160,000 impressions to home decision makers every month!

You have the attention of the consumer

Sustained exposure to your message, direct line of sight and repeat visits result in an average of 68% ad recall.

Your ad is seen by your best target

You can target by gender, language, income, community, trade area, grocery store chain, postal code and individual store.

You can engage shoppers digitally

Consumers can safely use their cell phone during checkout dwell time to do an online search, visit a web page, or interact with you through email or text.

You can own your community

You can block out the competition, maintain a continuous presence, and differentiate your business where your customers live and shop!

You can boost your budget and other media

You can extend your reach with our low CPM, or strengthen mass and online campaigns by maintaining an in-market presence.

Don't just take our word for it!

“We get HUGE extended reach when combined with any and all other out-of-home Media, and the very low production costs mean that we can spend more on the medium rather than the creative.”

Dean Butler, Account Director at Elevator Strategy, Toyota Dealers of BC

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Recent campaigns

Client: Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba

Products Implemented: AdBar

MMSM aims to reduce the number of plastic bags distributed in grocery stores and encourage customers to reuse or recycle them. Since 2014, AdBar has been part of spreading this important message. With the AdBar right in front of them at the till, customer are more likely to say ‘no, thanks’ when asked if they want a bag.

Since the launch of this initiative the numbers have been astounding.

  • 72.5% reduction in use of plastic bags

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