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Re-engage Lost Visitors with a Home Mailer

Only 10% of website visitors convert

Leverage direct mail to re-engage and convert the 90% of visitors to your website that leave your site without buying anything or engaging with you.

Deliver a message to consumers showing intent

Tag these lost visitors and send them a highly relevant and targeted direct mail piece right to their home within days.

Gain market share from competitors

Get another chance to convert shoppers that showed interest in your business, before they choose your competition.

Drive conversions not just click-throughs

Recent campaigns saw a 17% lift in sales, 65% higher average revenue than digital-only streams, and 56% of respondents bought items shown on the mailer.

A Second Opportunity to Close the Sale

How it works

A simple code added to your website allows you to identify lost leads and capture visitor data immediately. You can then apply filters, census data and business rules to validate addresses and send out a customized mailer with a relevant offer and call to action.

Reach audiences most likely to convert, such as:

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