Get picked up at the grocery store

Shoppers hold AdBar in the palm of their hands

Your message will literally get picked up and customers will have 3 to 6 minutes of checkout dwell time to engage with your business or brand on this highly interactive advertising platform.

Your message is picked up by the customer

It’s just like putting an out-of-home billboard in the palm of your target’s hands.

You get unavoidable impressions

Shoppers can’t turn it off, mute it, speed by it, block it or change the channel to avoid it.

Your ad is interactive and memorable

Over 10,000 exit interviews show that AdBar delivers an unparalleled 68% average ad recall.

AdBar network

The AdBar grocery divider is our core product and can be found in every aisle of our 355 grocery store locations.

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AdBar creative formats

Get your creative juices flowing. Choose the classic AdBar or use custom shapes, mobile interaction and visual effects to boost consumer engagement with your business or brand.

Drive them online while they’re in line

While most businesses have a digital strategy and online presence, the key to their success is traffic.

By advertising in grocery store checkout lines and encouraging digital engagement, you can convert this huge number of impressions into mobile traffic for your web properties and campaigns.

Shoppers can visit your website, get deals or coupons, download an app, participate in contests and more — safely and on-the-spot.

Add a text campaign

Imagine making direct contact with a prospective customer within minutes of them seeing your ad!

To do this, you simply add a call-to-action using a keyword and a six-digit code to your AdBar creative. When a shopper sends in a text, they instantly receive a predetermined text response.

A text campaign works well with contests, digital coupons, email sign-up, app downloads, and more.

Recent campaigns

Client: TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap

The TELUS World of Science in Edmonton wanted to support their general marketing campaign to promote “Mysteries of China” at the IMAX theatre, by specifically targeting an Asian audience. They used AdBar and AdCap in T&T stores to reach this audience. T&T is a Canadian supermarket chain which sells primarily Asian foods.

  • Client confirms ticket sales are going well
  • Will definitely look at more opportunities for future projects

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What AdBar customers have to say

“AdBar has provided unparalleled exposure for my business and created the kind of ‘chatter’ that leverages referrals. It has been a cornerstone in the robust growth of my business.”

Jake Pryor, Re/Max Alpine Realty

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