Who doesn't want to be first in line?

AdCap is a prominent and bold ad space

At every visit, shoppers approaching the grocery checkout area are greeted with a large face-size advertising message that provides walk-by and in-aisle impressions.

You are the exclusive AdCap Advertiser

There is only one end cap in each aisle and it can be all yours.

You get prominent and unavoidable exposure

This is the first thing shoppers see as they approach the conveyor belt and they can’t miss it.

Your message is seen in store and in line

This large ad space is visible to shoppers who are near or in the aisle.

AdCap Network

AdCap is available in 300 locations with just one advertiser per store.

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Drive them online while they’re in line

While most businesses have a digital strategy and online presence, the key to their success is traffic.

By advertising in grocery store checkout lines and encouraging digital engagement, you can convert this huge number of impressions into mobile traffic for your web properties and campaigns.

Shoppers can visit your website, get deals or coupons, download an app, participate in contests and more — safely and on-the-spot.

Add a text campaign

Imagine making direct contact with a prospective customer within minutes of them seeing your ad!

You simply add a call-to-action using a keyword and a six-digit code to your AdCap creative. When a shopper sends in a text, they instantly receive a pre-determined text response.

A text campaign works well with contests, digital coupons, email sign-up, app downloads, and more.

Recent campaigns

Client: Canada Lands Currie

Products Implemented: AdBar, AdCap, AdTray

Campaign Recall Results:

  • 74% recall
  • 1.67 million impressions in ten weeks in one store only. 

Sample size: 100


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