Sometimes you just have to go big

All eyes are on you and only you

The two self-checkout trays offer a large advertising footprint that is free of competition and is particularly effective to reach young affluent professionals and millennials.

You have a big area for your message

Bagging trays provide two large spaces for creative concepts and multi-messaging.

You get bold and sustained exposure

Both ad spaces are directly in the shopper’s sight lines during the entire transaction.

You own the self-checkout

There is no competitive clutter with only one advertiser per self-checkout.

AdTray Network

AdTray is available in over 100 Safeway or Co-op store locations.





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Recent campaigns

Client: Calgary Zoo

Products Implemented: AdBar and AdTray

The Calgary Zoo, like many other advertisers, faces the challenge of cutting through the daily noise of ads. At the grocery checkout, consumers can’t tune out or turn it off their message. Choosing both AdBar and AdTray, the Calgary Zoo sought to improve the effectiveness of other media campaigns, as well as increase website traffic, mobile searches and social media engagement.

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What AdTray customers have to say

“AdBar helps us keep our advertising fresh and eye-catching. We have exclusive ad space in a high traffic spot in our own community, and that is invaluable.”

Mary Ann Stallings, General Manager, Aspen Landing

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